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Sharmans 1962-63

Thanks to Ian Ramsey for sending in the Photo's of the Cricket and Rugby Teams.

Cricket team - members names that I can remember are:-

Back row from left to right David Crampton, Andy Dunn, Ian Ramsey, ? , ?  Nicholls, Mr P. McLaughlan   

Front row from left to right Bob Deeming, (Keith ?) Betts, ? , Mike Gash, (Malcolm?) Plenderleith, Richard Coleman, ? ,


Rugby Team-  members names that I can remember are:-

Back row from left to right Roger Trow, Dusty Rhodes, Andy Dunn, Chris Lock, Simon Kennard, ?, ?, ?, ? Andrews, Mr P. McLaughlan   

Front row from left to right Martin Sumner, ? , ? , ? , Jack Ashley, Bob Deeming, David Crampton, Terry Steele, Ian Ramsey

I seem to recall that the rugby team was undefeated that year.

Sharmans 1944

Thanks to Jose for sending in the Photo below.

Miscellaneous Photos

*** UPDATE - Thanks to T-J Hitter for explaining the Jock Ford Photo ***
"I Think Jock Ford left in about 1974. The trek was an annual trip run by the boy's school by the late Mr Moore and the biology teacher with a foreign name to Romania. I can remember watching a film of it in assembly accompanied by Mike oldfield Tubular Bells."

I am not sure who sent these in but they have been languishing in the files folder for some time.

If you know who sent these in or who is shown in the pictures let me know here.

Class of 1945

Anyone still around from the war years, I went to Sharmans Cross Boys in 1940 and left in 1945. The Headmaster was Peter Orret, a disciplinarian, very strict, but he taught us respect, and where necessary, manners. Other teachers who come to mind, Messrs Peppitt, Parker, Horseman, Charles,  Madames Bootand Gardener. We were all caned on a regular basis for minor misdeeds.but it certanly did not do me any harm, and I probably deserved it anyway.

I was given a sound basic education at Sharmans Cross,and encouraged to go on to further education,which I did.

The girls were taught upstairs and played in a separate playground from the boys, I think the idea was to stop us getting distracted.

If there are any re unions in the offing, I would like to hear from you, and if any old boys and girls would like a little talk on life at the school during the war time years,School dinners! live ordinance, what went on in the air raid shelters during air raids!! (not a lot I can assure you) . We had four "Houses" named after well know local families.Odingsells (red) Archer (blue) Greswolde (green) Hawes (yellow).

Well thats a window of life at the school during the war, if you want more just let me know.

Mike Parr MBE

To get in touch with Mike please use the contact form here

Who do you remember

Thanks to an email from an ex Sharmian the following is a list of the teachers from 1963.

Mr A S Yorke - Headmaster
Mr B T Bain - Deputy Head - Physics Master
Mr R P Kay - English
Mr H A Jones - Mathematics
Mr R Pearson - Geography
Mr R Hill - Geometrical & Engineering Drawing (TD) (3/16ths)
Mr Crease  - French
Mr McLaughlan - Games Master (Later to become Head of Centre)
Mr Skinn - Careers Master
Mr Butcher - Science Master
Mr Hay - Woodwork
Mr John Aston - Religious Knowledge
Mr Britton - Music
Mr Watts - History

Pop Adams took us for TD until 1960 when Mr R Hill took over

There are others but after 40 years those shown are the only one's I can remember.


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